Feedback from Parents and Carers

I have used the after school care service for 12 years now so I can say wholeheartedly it is a fantastic school club.  The staff are always friendly and caring and I get regular updates from management. Most importantly my child is very happy with the activities and care he gets every day. 

My daughter attends your Notre Dame after school club. I find the staff helpful, attentive and always feels like quite a nurturing environment. More importantly my daughter really enjoys it and although it requires to be set in the school, I think it is done as effective as can be. I find that there never seems to be a problem accommodating my daughter at times that I have been stuck or needed additional childcare at short notice, which I value. My youngest child is due to start school after summer and I feel happy about him joining my daughter. 

My children are only in one day a week. They enjoy being able to play outside when possible and my youngest always enjoys playing the board games whenever I arrive to collect him the staff are always engaged with him and playing games. The environment has lots of resources suitable for children of all ages.

My son always enjoys his time at Afty and all of the people who work at the Afty at Notre Dame are engaged with the kids. It’s a hugely better and different experience than what we had with my son when he attended Afty in London. Sometimes he begs not to leave!

Hello – we love your service at Notre Dame and the holiday club at Hyndland. Keep doing what you are doing.  You engage the kids with what is happening in terms of management and activities.  All 3 really love the their time with you.  We know that they are safe, very well cared for and having mega fun.

I just wanted to thank you ALL for all your hard work since you opened your doors after the school holidays. The kids absolutely love attending Afty which is a fantastic complement to you are your team, it puts a parents mind at ease. The improvements you are continuously making are excellent, your regular communications and requests for parents feedback is exactly what a parent looks for. All to often we hear of when things are not going so well and not as much when they are. Your enthusiasm and drive to keep the kids engaged are what makes the difference. The Afty seems to be going from strength to strength and that’s a down to you and your teams’ energy. Well done!