Important Information for Parents and Carers


If your child is off school or has other after school arrangements, please contact us directly by text or email and give as much notice as possible – no later than 2pm on the day.

Please ensure you contact us directly rather than rely on school staff to pass information to us; it is not their responsibility to do this and they are not always able to.  Also, please do not solely rely on your child to pass on information to us regarding their attendance; for their safety and security, any changes must be confirmed by an adult.

Our “missing child procedure” is triggered if you do not give us advance notice that your child is not attending.  This involves and several staff searching the premises to find your child or information of their whereabouts from teachers, staff and pupils. The process can be time-consuming at times, and it affects everyone as it delays our normal operations.

We do not want to unnecessarily interrupt or alarm you by informing you we have not been able to locate your child, so please do let us know if your child is off or has other after school arrangements – including if they are due to attend a school club until 4pm and then come to us afterwards.

Getting Through the Bridge Gate!

When you arrive at the school, the bridge gate should be locked for the children’s safety and security.  Press the button for the Facility Officer (janitor) or the Primary Admin Office and someone should let you in.  We are not authorised or able to do this remotely, so we have to rely on the janitor and school office staff.

If there is no response after a minute or so, alert a member of our staff if they are in the playground, or call/text us and we will send someone out. Our phone is kept in our office where we get the best reception, but the signal can be temperamental, and our staff sometimes have to leave the office, so we are sorry if you ever have any delays in getting in.

Security Protocols

For the children’s safety and security, until our staff get to know you and who your children are, they may ask for your name, the name or names of the child or children you are collecting, and their security pin(s).

Opening Hours

We are always open during term-time, and whenever the school closes early, we open early!

Nut Allergies

Please ensure that you and your child do not bring nuts, or any products that contain nuts, into the Afty as several children have severe nut allergies.

Policies and Procedures

We have a comprehensive list of policies and procedures that cover every aspect of the running of our clubs.  Please contact us if you would like further information about any of our policies or procedures. 

Contact Details

John Ansdell – Manager of NDKC
Fiona Ansdell – General Manager of HASC
Paddy Morrison – Assistant Manager of HASC
Caroline James – Assistant Manager of HASC
Kathy Melvin – Bookkeeper
Fiona Hind – Admin Assistant

For all matters in relation to Notre Dame Kids Club, please call or text us on 07419 999 452 or email us at

For specific enquiries in relation to your fees, including childcare voucher schemes, please contact Hyndland After School Club on 0141 339 9526 or email

For all matters in relation to the Holiday Club at Hyndland After School Club, please call 0141 339 9526 or email

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, we look forward to hearing from you!