General Information on Afternoon Sessions

The purpose of this page is to give you an overview of how the Afty will operate when the children return.  Please note that information and guidelines change regularly, so everything is subject to change at short notice at the moment.

We will cover all of this information with the children upon their return and at the right times (obviously, with more age-appropriate language!) so they know the new procedures and rules; we will keep things simple and not overwhelm them with information.  We know they may be apprehensive about returning, so we will do our best to help settle any nerves.

Getting to the Afty

Afty staff will collect children in P1 to P3 from their classrooms just before the bell.  This means they will be escorted safely to the club hall without having to go with their teacher and class out into the playground where it can often be busy and noisy.

We trust children in P4 to P7 with the responsibility of walking to the club hall themselves once they have been dismissed by their teacher.  We provide all the teachers with our weekly register, so they know when children attend throughout the week.

Children should come straight to the Afty, and not go outside into the playground first.  We will speak with the children in P4 to P7 in class with their teachers to ensure everyone knows the procedure.


In line with the latest recommendations, children have to stay in groups of up to 33 when they are at the club (indoors and outdoors) where possible and not mix with children in other groups.

Children in P1 to P4 will be in Group 1, and children from P5 to P7 will be in Group 2.  The club hall and school playground will be split in two so there are designated areas for each group.  We will alternate the side of the playground that each group uses on a weekly basis so that the children have an equal opportunity to enjoy the different types of playground equipment and spaces.

Arriving in the club hall 

Children in P1 to P4 will arrive at the club hall around 3pm.  Once they are registered, they will be taken downstairs to wash their hands ahead of snack time.  As soon as the playground is clear, children will have the option of doing activities indoors or outdoors.  Children in P5 to P6 will repeat this process when they arrive at the Afty at 3.15pm.


Staff will ensure that all of the children follow the latest guidance on handwashing throughout the day.


We will provide a healthy snack for the children as quickly as possible after they arrive at the Afty; there will be lots of different options to ensure there is something for everyone!


There will be a wide range of activities on offer for children to participate in both indoors and outdoors.  We have removed some resources that are not appropriate to put out at this time (eg. dressing-up costumes), but we have compensated by purchasing more resources for outdoor play.  We will survey the children over the first few weeks to see if there are any new items they would like us to buy for them.

Personal Items

Children should not bring in any items to Afty from home other than the items the school has specified.

Mobiles and School iPads

Our current policy is that only children in P6 and P7 are allowed to use their phones and school iPads at the Afty.  However, we have strict rules about how these devices are used; children are not allowed to: make calls, take photos, make videos, record audio, go on social media apps/websites, play inappropriate games, search/view inappropriate content or listen to music without headphones.