Fees for 2020-2021

Annual Registration £36.00 per family
After School Club £12.00 per child per session
(regular bookings)
£13.50 per child per session
Holiday Club
(at HASC)
£26.50 per child per session
(full day)
£16.50 per child per session
(half day)
+£6.00 for expensive trips

Terms & Conditions

  • Our preferred payment method is standing order – costs can be spread over 11 or 12 months (shorter terms can be arranged).
  • We also accept payments via bank transfer
  • At present, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are not accepting payments by cash or cheque
  • We accept Childcare Vouchers – please contact finance@hyndlandasc.org.uk for more details.
  • Receipts will only be issued if payment is received at the club; your bank statement will be your receipt for standing order payments
  • Please ask your bank for a receipt if paying by Bank Giro – if you pay directly into the bank in person, please notify us with the amount and date as these payments are not identified on our bank statements.
  • Full fees will be charged if a child is absent, including absences when children are on school trips or on holiday during term time, and days when we are barred from providing a service, e.g. due to adverse weather conditions, voting days or strike days, as we still have staff costs on those days.
  • Please note that giving early notice of absence does not affect this policy.
  • Please notify us by text or email as soon as possible and by 2pm on the day if your child is going to be absent.
  • It is essential that you notify us if your child is is due to take part in any school-led after school activities; if you would like your child to join us afterwards then we will arrange for our staff to escort you child to the club.
  • We do not charge for in-service days (unless child attends the holiday club and HASC), extended days (e.g. when school closes early) and public holidays.
  • Bookings should be made and paid for in advance (or included in standing order).
  • Bookings will be accepted at short notice if places are available but they must be paid on the day.
  • Cancellations and absences will be charged without one week’s prior notice.
  • For absences on an expensive trip day the charge will be daily fee plus £6.00.
  • If fees are not paid on time your child’s place will be at risk.
  • Please contact us if you are experiencing any difficulties in making payments.
  • An admin fee of £10 will be incurred if payments are late.
  • Your place will be withdrawn if you do not respond to correspondence requesting payment.
  • We may seek to recover debt via a debt collecting agency or the small claims courtif payments are not received.
  • Cancellation of a term time places requires four week’s notice unless we are operating a waiting list and can fill the place within a shorter period.
  • Fees are reviewed annually by our Board of Directors.
  • Any changes take effect from the end of June each year.