Fees for 2018-2019

Annual Registration £36.00 per family
After School Club £12.00 per child per session
(regular bookings)
£13.50 per child per session
Holiday Club
(at HASC)
£26.50 per child per session
(full day)
£16.50 per child per session
(half day)
+£6.00 for expensive trips
P1 Club
(at HASC)
£14.00 per child per session
Late Pick-up £25.00 from 6.00pm-6.15pm
£35.00 from 6.15pm-6.30pm

Terms and Conditions

  • Our preferred payment method is standing order – costs can be spread over 11 or 12 months (shorter terms can be arranged).
  • We also accept payments via bank transfer, cash and cheque for drop-in and holiday attendance and additional fees, e.g. £6.00 for expensive trips.
  • We only accept cash payments in our main office in Hyndland After School Club.
  • Cheques should be made payable to Hyndland After School Club.
  • We accept Childcare Vouchers – please contact us for more details.
  • Receipts will only be issued if payment is received at the club; your bank statement will be your receipt for standing order payments
  • Please ask your bank for a receipt if paying by Bank Giro – if you pay directly into the bank in person, please notify us with the amount and date as these payments are not identified on our bank statements.
  • Full fees will be charged if a child is absent, including absences when children are on school trips or on holiday during term time, and days when we are barred from providing a service, e.g. due to adverse weather conditions, voting days or strike days, as we still have staff costs on those days.
  • Please note giving early notice of absence does not affect this policy.
  • You must notify us if your child is going to be absent as soon as possible by phone, text, email, or in person by 2pm
  • Children attending school-lead after school activities are the responsibility of the parent and the school. It is essential that we are notified if your child is taking part in these activities. If you would like your child to join us afterwards, then we will arrange for our staff to escort you child to the club.
  • We do not charge for in-service days (unless child attends Holiday Club), extended days (e.g. when school closes early), and public holidays.
  • Bookings should be made and paid for in advance (or included in standing order).
  • Bookings will be accepted at short notice if places are available but they must bepaid on the day.
  • Cancellations and absences will be charged without one week’s prior notice.
  • For absences on an expensive trip day the charge will be daily fee plus £6.00.

Late Payments

  • If fees are not paid on time your child’s place will be at risk
  • Please contact us if you are experiencing any difficulties in making payments
  • An admin fee of £10 will be incurred if payments are late.
  • Your place will be withdrawn if you do not respond to letters requesting payment.
  • We may seek to recover debt via a debt collecting agency or the small claims courtif payments are not received.
  • Cancellation of a term time places requires four week’s notice unless we are operating a waiting list and can fill the place immediately.
  • Fees are reviewed annually by our Board of Directors.
  • Any changes take effect from the end of June each year.