COVID-19: Information for Parents and Carers

Health & Childcare Guidance

The health and wellbeing of everyone connected to Notre Dame Kids Club is our top priority.  In accordance with the latest government health advice and guidance to support the re-opening of school age childcare services, we have carried out risk assessments and put control measures in place to manage the risk of people potentially contracting and spreading the virus while they are at the Afty.

We will ensure that all relevant information is communicated to our staff in advance of the club reopening, and that all relevant information for the children is communicated to them upon their return and on a daily basis thereafter (see last page).

The following information and procedures are specific to all parents and anyone who is authorised to collect children from the Afty.  We must ask that you stick to these procedures at all times when you visit the Afty, as well as any new procedures that our staff may inform you of in the future.

As you know, information and guidance can change regularly and at short notice, so we will keep you informed of any changes as quickly as possible.

COVID-19 Symptoms & Protocols

Please ensure you that are aware of the latest COVID-19 symptoms and protocols.  At present, the symptoms of COVID-19 are a new continuous cough, a fever or high temperature (37.8C or greater), or any loss or change to normal of smell or taste.  If you or your child develop any of these symptoms, please visit NHS Inform or call 0800 028 2816 to be tested.

Anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19, whether or not they have been tested, should self-isolate at home for 10 days.  Anyone who lives with someone who has symptoms, and anyone who has come into close contact with someone who has the virus, should self-isolate at home for 14 days.

Please do not send your child to school if they show any symptoms. If your child develops any symptoms at the Afty, we will contact you and follow protocols.

Collecting Children from The Afty

At present, parents and not allowed into the club hall or school building except in emergency situations.

Please wait on the bridge when you arrive outside the club hall and a member of our staff team will come out to greet you; they may ask your name, who you are collecting and their security pin(s).

Our staff will be equipped with walkie talkies, so they will locate the children, help them get ready to leave, and bring them out to you as quickly as possible.  If you are in a rush, feel free to call/text us in advance and we will help get them ready for your arrival.

The head teacher has advised that, at present, no parents should enter the school, even the entrance area to the club hall, so if it is raining heavily, we are sorry to have to ask that you wait under the bridge if you need shelter.  Again, if you call or text us in advance, we will aim to have your child ready for your arrival so you do not have to wait long.

Staff will also be happy to assist with things you would normally have been able to do yourself, such as going into the school to locate a missing item or helping your child get changed and ready for an evening club (eg. football or Brownies).  Again, contact us in advance if you need help with anything.

Infection Control

To help us with infection prevention and control, when you are on the bridge, please observe physical distancing and personal hygiene measures by staying two metres (roughly three steps) away from other adults and covering your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve if you need to cough or sneeze.

You are not required or expected to wear a mask or a face covering, but you can if you wish.